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Performance Unlocked

Bringing Solutions to Your Vision

What We Do

Stratus Technology Integration Services (Stratus), is a certified Small Business that provides IT, Cybersecurity and Cloud-IT solutions.  We are continuously evaluating, incorporating and integrating new technologies - creating environments that scale and run and adapt at the speed of operations while continuously maintaining the appropriate security measures.  Across these environments we have focused on providing subject matter experts that provide scalable solutions in a portable manner across multiple operating environments and security classifications.  Our team maintains in-depth knowledge and vast experience of Cloud-related IT Support services, Cybersecurity total solutions, and IT Services. 

Our Services


Developing interchangeable  solutions across on-premise and CSP environments as well as portable between various security boundaries allowing for code re-use across disparate enclaves. 


Enabling our customers to perform securely at "the speed of operations" with fully automated risk characterization, monitoring and mitigation approaches.


IT Professional Services

Manage multiple, Enterprise-level IT efforts throughout the project life cycle process leveraging established requirements, readiness and configuration management processes. 

Perform tasks essential to project success, including scheduling, resource management, risk mitigation and collaborating between teams to determine efficiencies and minimize project delays. 

Together at the Top


"Stratus is an extremely reliable and high-performing partner.  Their ability to perform within high-pressure operational environments and deliver meaningful results sets them apart from others in this industry.  Stratus continually delivers solutions and capabilities that provide significant value to the program.  They continually exceed my expectations and provide meaningful contributions.  They have my full endorsement and recommendation." 

Program Manager

IC Customer

Bringing Dreams to Life

While others set goals and strive to achieve, at Stratus, we set the context and let life unfold.

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